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Fewer drugs are making it to market, while development costs continue to skyrocket. We provide solutions in partnership with leading biopharma, academic, and government institutions. Our functional models, expert services, and advanced analytical algorithms converge to provide the right biology, effective workflows, and actionable results that move our partners forward and get medications to patients faster.

Together, we can make medicines work the first time.

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Human-first discovery that identifies new targets and treatments in high-throughput with human iPSC-derived organoid models.


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microBrain  Technology


Complex human biology for complex questions

The microBrain platform is manufactured in ready-to-use multi-well plates containing functional microtissues engineered from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Designed to enable high-throughput human drug screening without the need for drugs to enter a human body, our microBrain functional organoid platform offers significant cost and time savings for our partners. 

Bringing Human Biology to the Bench

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Functional data needs complex analysis.

Get more valuable information from every experiment! Our Assay AnalytiX platform provides a deeper dive, faster return, and more robust data.

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