StemoniX Announces Addition to Board of Directors

October 19, 2020 – Mr. Fletcher brings more than 30 years of strategy and financing experience across the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry to the Board

StemoniX 3D Oncology & Tissue Models Conference

September 30 - October 1, 2020 – StemoniX Director of R&D, Dr. Cassiano Carromeu, did a fabulous presention on "Drug Discovery in 3D: Disease Modeling, Hit Stratification, and Clinical Translation with Human iPSC-derived 3D Neurospheroids" on Day 1. Dr. Blake Anson presented our poster, "Finding the Needle in the Haystack," on Day 2.

StemoniX participates in SBI2 High Content Meeting

September 16 - 17, 2020 –  StemoniX exhibited and presented at the 7th Annual SBI2 High Content Meeting. Contact us to learn more about our poster: hiPSC-derived neurospheroids support assessment of glioblastoma cancer stem cell behavior and compound responses

September 7, 2020 – The StemoniX microBrain 3D platform was featured in a recent BioTechniques article! Read how our partners at Molecular Devices have used the microBrain 3D high-throughput, hiPSC-derived platform to study neurological dysfunction

StemoniX featured in MinneInno!

August 24, 2020 – Stemonix Inc. has agreed to a merger with Cancer Genetics Inc., a publicly traded pharmaceutical company based in Rutherford, N.J.

StemoniX participates in the LabRoots Coronavirus 2020 Virtual Poster Session

July, 2020 – StemoniX presented a poster titled Using hiPSC-derived neural cultures to assess the safety of potential anti-viral therapeutics outlining how our high-content, consistent human cultures can be used to determine the safety and efficacy of anti-viral therapeutics

StemoniX participates in the BIO 2020 Digital International Convention

June 8-12, 2020 – Ping Yeh, StemoniX CEO, joined a panel discussing "Organs-on-a-Chip and AI: Realizing Potential Efficiencies in Drug Discovery and Development."

StemoniX ® CEO, Ping Yeh, Participates in an Organ- on-a-Chip and AI Focused Panel at the BIO2020 Digital Convention

June 9, 2020 – StemoniX ® , Inc., a biotech company revolutionizing how new medicines are discovered, announced today that its CEO and Co-founder, Ping Yeh, has joined a panel of experts from the FDA, the NIH, Pharma, and AI at this year’s BIO2020 Digital conference.

StemoniX featured in the inaugural INNOVATE Minnesota!

May, 2020 – We're thrilled to be part of the inaugural INNOVATE Minnesota book! Learn more about StemoniX. Read our company profile!

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