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Disease Modeling

Disease modeling figure 2.jpg

Patient-derived models

  • Specific sub-populations

  • Clinical biomarkers

Biomarker-based Screening

  • Species-aligned

  • In vitro to in vivo translation

New Discoveries

  • Successful Clinical Translation


Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology is a powerful tool for human disease modeling. Partnering with Vyant Bio, StemoniX’s parent company, brings human biology to the beginning of your discovery pipeline.  Combining cutting edge data science, complex 2D and spheroid biology, pre-clinical testing, and regulatory experience, the Vyant Bio Drug Discovery ecosystem offers opportunities to develop first- and best-in-class drugs based on human data and clinical relevance

Our scientific team includes world experts in stem cell biology, drug discovery, materials engineering, and bio- and micro-manufacturing coupled with cutting-edge data science and regulatory experience. Partner with us to discover and develop more effective and safer medicines.

rtt_wt plate.jpg
WT spheroid.jpg
RTT spheroid.jpg

Center: Sample 384-well plate showing spheroid uniformity of Rett spheroids (columns 1-22) and Control spheroids (columns 23-24). 

Below and left: microBrain 3D spheroid derived from a Rett syndrome patient donor with associated functional activity. Note the altered functional activity.

Above and right: microBrain 3D spheroids derived from a control donor with associated functional activity.

Disease Modeling waveforms.jpg
Disease Modeling waveforms.jpg
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