Custom microBrain platforms

Our scientific team includes world experts in stem cell biology, drug discovery, materials engineering, and bio- and micro-manufacturing. Let our team help you with your disease modeling and custom assay development design and execution. Together, we can discover and develop more effective and safer medicines.

Disease Modeling


From patient-derived cell reprogramming to custom genetic modifications, StemoniX can create a custom microBrain platform specifically for your needs! 

Center: Sample 384-well plate showing spheroid uniformity of RTT spheroids (columns 1-22) and Control spheroids (columns 23-24). 

Above: microBrain 3D spheroids derived from a Rett patient donor.

Below: microBrain 3D spheroids derived from a control donor.

Both spheroids show similar cellular composition.


Neurodevelopmental Toxicity

Our team of experts can create specialized microBrain platforms to understand the impact of your compound throughout neural development - from NPCs through mature neural cultures.

Nestin.sox1.dapi.merge copy.tif

StemoniX NPCs showing markers of immaturity.




Heat maps of neural cultures showing reduced compound susceptibility as culture mature