Disease Modeling

From patient-derived cell reprogramming to custom genetic modifications, StemoniX can create a custom microBrain platform for your specific disease needs! 

Our scientific team includes world experts in stem cell biology, drug discovery, materials engineering, and bio- and micro-manufacturing. Let our team help you with your disease modeling and custom assay development design and execution. Together, we can discover and develop more effective and safer medicines.

iPSC Expansion

rtt_wt plate.jpg
WT spheroid.jpg
RTT spheroid.jpg

Center: Sample 384-well plate showing spheroid uniformity of RTT spheroids (columns 1-22) and Control spheroids (columns 23-24). 

Above: microBrain 3D spheroids derived from a Rett patient donor.

Below: microBrain 3D spheroids derived from a control donor.

Both spheroids show similar cellular composition.