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Functional Testing

The StemoniX microBrain platform of complex 2D co-cultures or 3D spheroids/organoids are composed of glutamatergic neurons, GABAergic neurons, and astrocytes exhibiting reproducible activity that is used to identify healthy and disease functionality as well as efficacy and toxcity. microBrain functional activity is monitored using an exogenously added calcium fluorophore and is visualized in high-throughput format as an oscillatory waveform (Figure 1) to determine both detrimental and positive compound-induced effects in real time. 

Whether you're looking to rescue a disease phenotype or determine toxicity, our screening experts will quantify the functional impact of your compound(s) through unbiased advanced analytics to de-risk your discoveries.

General Procedure:

  1. microBrain assay platform in 96 or 384-well plate format.

  2. Cultures are treated with test compounds for indicated time periods under acute and chronic conditions ranging from minutes to weeks.

  3. Compound impact is determined via calcium-based readout of microBrain activity on the FLIPRtetra™.
       10-minute recordings are acquired at pre-
       determined intervals for up to a six (6) hour assay window     following compound incubation.

  4. Data are exported and analyzed to provide IC50/EC50 dose response curves for peak count and peak amplitude.

  5. Up to 6 additional parameters can be provided as a custom data analysis package.

FLIPR compound treatment image.jpg

Figure 1. Plates can be treated with multiple compounds at multiple concentrations (high to low - left to right) with multiple replicates to accurately determine compound impact on spheroid function. 

Z Primes Figure Annotated.png

Figure 2. Highly consistent function with a wide dynamic range

Need more than functional data? Pair this assay with a cell viability assay using CellTiter Glo or LDH-Glo, or collect cell pellets post-FLIPR assay for gene expression studies.

Need to move from
in vitro to in vivo studies?  Inquire here for early and IND-enabling pre-clinical studies.

microBrain 3D activity when treated with the (top) negative functional control and (bottom) positive functional control

Control microBrain spheroid showing synchronized and spontaneous oscillations

microBrain spheroid showing altered oscillations in response to treatment with 4-AP

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