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microBrain: About Us

microBrain 3D is comprised of a 50/50 ratio of cortical neurons (green) and astrocytes (red). Nuclei in blue.


Each microBrain 3D plate contains reproducibly manufactured organoids comprised of co-differentiated cortical neurons and astrocytes enabling high-throughput drug and toxicity screening.

Differentiated microBrain organoids exhibit       
spontaneous & coordinated activity 

microBrain 2D Brightfield.PNG

microBrain 2D cultures contain a mixture of cortical neurons and astrocytes
forming mature, interconnected neural networks.

microBrain 2D MGC - update MAP2 HuCD GABA DAPI.png

microBrain 2D
S100B (immature astrocytes)
GFAP (mature astrocytes)
MAP2 (neurons)

5 Image 8 MAP-Synapsin.tif

microBrain 2D

MAP2 (cortical neurons)

SYN1 (synaptic puncta)

2D and 3D Physiologically-Relevant Human iPSC-derived High-Throughput Screening Platforms

The power and effectiveness of the microBrain Assay Ready platforms' enhanced network structure and cell maturity are evident through highly synchronized activity. Containing a physiologic mixture of neurons and astrocytes co-matured from a single donor source, cells in the StemoniX microBrain platforms express key markers of cell maturity and synaptic network formation. 

microBrain 3D cortical spheroids present quantifiable, robust and uniform spontaneous and synchronized calcium oscillations that can be measured in kinetic high-throughput plate readers (e.g. FLIPR) and high content imaging systems. microBrain calcium signals can be reproducibly modified with excitatory and inhibitory modulators, confirming the presence of fully functional and integrated glutamatergic/GABAergic circuitry. microBrain 2D reflects the same mature human biology in a more accessible format, ideal for imaging and infection studies. 

The StemoniX microBrain platforms demonstrate remarkably reproducible batch-to-batch and organoid-to-organoid performance and are well-suited for high-throughput drug discovery, imaging, and screening applications.

Both platforms are customizable to suit your discovery needs.

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