Structured Cardiomyocytes for High-Throughput Screening

The StemoniX microHeart platform provides a structured environment for human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiac cells.


In microHeart 2.5D, cells passively align into a physiologically relevant structure that closely represents human heart tissue.
Cardiac cells structured on microHeart 2.5D plates resemble heart tissue alignment, while standard flat cultureware results in a
random arrangement.

In microHeart 3D, cardiomyocytes are structured into cardiospheres with uniform, synchronized beating. 


microHeart provides:

  • Increased expression of key cardiac physiology genes

  • Enhanced organization of sarcomeres

  • Distal intercalated discs aligned perpendicularly to fibers

  • Coherent directionality of contraction

  • Improved calcium handling

microHeart Cell Ready and Assay Ready products provide an ideal model for cardiotoxicity and cardiac safety studies, high-throughput screening, and drug discovery. The microHeart platform can be customized to suit your discovery needs.


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