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Oncology Modeling - Glioblastoma

 Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive brain tumor with a poor prognosis. Therapeutic management for GBM is currently limited with fewer than 20% of patients responding to combination drug/radiation therapy. Moreover, the therapeutics currently used to treat GBM have been shown to be extremely toxic.


microBrain 3D spheroids can be co-cultured with mCherry-tagged U87 GBM cells as a traceable model of GBM to study the growth and behavior of GBM in the presence of normal cortical brain tissue.

GBM schema.jpg

 Experimental Design Concept. Glioblastoma cells are transduced with mCherry, and the GBM-mCherry cells are added to mature microBrain 3D spheroids.

Multiplexed calcium oscillation and fluorescence tracking can be compared within and among wells. 

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