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Discovery as a Service

Advance your research with the StemoniX Discovery as a Service (DaaS) program


We provide a straight-forward, turnkey approach enabling access to complex and physiologically relevant human iPSC-based platforms using cutting edge molecular, structural, and functional techniques. Our highly experienced scientific team works with you to design and implement studies to meet your goals and provide actionable data.

From cells to assays to data, we embrace a collaborative and scientific approach that leverages deep expertise in neural and cardiac cell physiology for drug discovery and toxicity testing to generate high quality, reproducible, and meaningful results that progress your programs. 

The StemoniX DaaS team offers a full range of expertise and capabilities for in vitro investigations including 2D and 3D model and assay development, functional readouts, cell viability and health, and high-content imaging. Together with our colleagues at vivoPharm and their deep expertise in pharmacology and IND-enabling in vitro and in vivo toxicity testing packages, we offer a complete solution for your pre-clinical testing needs.

Drug Discovery
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