Discovery as a Service

StemoniX Discovery as a Service (DaaS) program provides access to our physiologically relevant human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based platforms along with scientific experts to design, perform, and analyze your experiments. From cells to assays to data, we leverage expertise in neural and cardiac cell-based toxicology and drug discovery and development studies to generate high quality, consistent results for your custom service needs including assay development and  drug screening (efficacy and toxicity)

StemoniX DaaS offers a full range of expertise and capabilities for in vitro functional and phenotypic high-throughput screening. StemoniX can screen our off-the-shelf microBrain and microHeart platforms or create a custom model to suit your needs. 

Explore Our Capabilities

Functional Testing

Identify the functional impact of your compound on neural cultures

Viability Testing

Assess compound toxicity at a single point or over time using CellTiter-Glo or LDH-Glo

Calcein A/M Testing

Assess compound toxicity in high throughput using Calcein A/M testing

Disease Modeling

Learn more about how our custom disease models can be used to bring human biology to the early stages of discovery.