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Welcome to Vyant Bio!

Cancer Genetics and StemoniX Announce Merger Closing


Cancer Genetics, Inc. Renamed to Vyant Bio, Inc.


Vyant Bio, Inc. will begin trading on Nasdaq under the symbol VYNT

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microBrain 2D 

StemoniX microBrain 2D and 3D were featured in an article in the International Journal of Molecular Science. 

Read more about how microBrain can be used to model neurodevelopmental toxicity to rapidly identify new medications

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microBrain 3D

Together with our collaborators at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, we are thrilled to present a new publication in
PLOS ONE featuring
microBrain 3D.

Neurospheroids were screened using the LOPAC Library  and showed how microBrain 3D can be used as a screening platform for CNS-based drug discovery!

"Leveraging clinically translatable human iPSC-derived neurospheroids in high-throughput format and AI-based small molecule-protein binding technologies, Atomwise and StemoniX’s first joint venture is focused on generating novel small-molecule assets." 

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 Combined Company Positioned to Offer
Best-in-Class and 

Innovative Drug Discovery Solutions 

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"The new technologies for generating midbrain organoids are a perfect fit for our human-first approach to drug discovery and ability to mass-produce highly reproducible and physiologically relevant iPS cell-based models,” says Ping Yeh, Co-founder and CEO of StemoniX.


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